College Football’s Biggest Stage…

Tonight’s game was some what the motovation for me to start this blog, so I will refer to my very first blog entry in anticipation for tonight’s bowl game.

FROM DECEMBER 8th, 2008:

“Congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners on their immanent birth into the 2009 BCS Championship game! Now hopefully for college football fans, they don’t embarrass themselves on College Football’s biggest stage, the way they have done three of the last four seasons in bowl games.

For those of you just tuning in: Last year’s OU, shock and awe operation took place at the Fiesta Bowl. There, they met a West Virgina Mountaineer program, who had just lost their head coach in a situation that had Mountaineer fans  breathing into brown paper bags and over using the word, “betrayal”, (Finding your best friend having sex with your wife is “betrayal”, not having a head coach leaving your program for more money). Going in favorites, OU stunk up the place, in a game where after  two and a half quarters, the only people still watching were WVU fans who took off the next day of work and people who enjoy watching street fights on youtube.

In 2007’s version of the Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma lost to a Boise State team in one of the greatest college football games you’ll ever see. A game in which will no doubt be referenced in many a coaches’, “David v. Goliath” locker room speech. As if being on the losing side of history isn’t bad enough- Oklahoma lost on two trick plays in overtime. As if  losing on a couple plays that would even be deemed, ‘too risky’, in your annual touch football game isn’t bad enough- OU had to watch a celebration that included the man who scored the winning touchdown, proposing to his cheerleader girlfriend…How Hollywood. How embarrassing- and how worth another look the highlights to that game are.

And I don’t really need to go into much detail about the school’s performance in the 2005 FedEx Orange Bowl, where the final score of 55-19, tells the whole story. But with due respect to the Sooners that night,  USC was heavy favorites, and had one of the most talented teams in College Football’s history (Probably tied with the 2001 Miami Hurricanes who stared 16 NFL picks in that year’s draft, and an eventual 23 future NFL players overall).

So with all that being said, The Sooners go into January 8th’s, BCS Championship game, against a Flordia Gators team who has momentum, and the best college quarterback we’ve seen in years, Tim Tebow. And all Oklahoma has to do is beat an SEC team in a national title game. Something that Ohio State fans know is highly difficult- and where the level of embarrassment can be so high, that you’re likely to receive phone calls from friends about how embarrassing of a defeat your team has taken, till the end of next summer.

On paper, yes- the Sooners have a shot. They’ve looked very impressive in the last few weeks, with convincing wins vs. Texas Tech and Missouri. And their Quarterback, Sam Bradford, has the sort of guts and courage that leads underdog teams to upsets. But as Tim Tebow mentioned, when asked about his Heisman chances to Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson prior to leading his team to the SEC Championship, “Boy would I like to throw against some of those Big 12 defenses”. And there in lies the truth about this upcoming game. Tebow can make a comment like that, and without any sort of hesitation or dispute, people know what he’s talking about, the SEC is far superior to the rest of college football.

Oklahoma’s best chance? Hope Tim Tebow slips in the shower and hurts his ankle.

Lets hope for our viewing pleasure, I’m dead wrong.”

My prediction after a month of thinking about this. Flordia wins a shoot out comfortably, 38-30


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