Mangini Creeping Towards Cleveland

As a Browns’ fan, the feelings of mix emotion are running through my head this evening.

Disappointment? yes- the best the Browns could do in finding a new coach was to hire a guy who had just been laid off, and failed to bring his team to the playoffs after an 8-3 start? That’s to say Mangini was the best candidate out there for this job.

That’s disappointing.

But I guess the optimist in me thinks of a time where a former Browns’ coach had some minor sucess, and then watched his team collapse before his eyes. Making panic moves, and switching quarterbacks every week, till eventually he had rubbed everyone the wrong way on his way out the door. That coach was Bill Belichick.

Now, I’m not beginning to compare Belichick and Mangini, but in the so called ‘experts’ minds, Mangini is a great football mind. I agree with other critics of his out there, who said that Mangini needed to learn lessons from his firing from the Jets (The same way Belichick did from his firing in Cleveland)- but I’m not sure he’s learned those lessons yet. And it was about six years before Belichick took a head coaching job with the Patriots.

As I posted a week ago, when grumblings began about Mangini to the Browns, Mangini’s attitude after disapointing defeats, is the sort of thing that would and will drive a fan nuts. His empathy for his own players after a Week 16 loss to the Seattle Seahawaks, a team they had to beat, a team they were much better than in every aspect, was the sort of thing that Mangini cannot pull. You CANNOT praise your teams’ effort in practice and their hard work, when you lose 13-3 in a game where your season depends and your opponent has three wins all year. Not when you’re coaching this team, and not in front of a fan base. A fan base that has seen their team play in ONE playoff game since 1995 (a 2002 loss that featured a 4th quarter collapse caused by their arch rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers).

To me, I feel as if the future of this team rests on the arms of one Brady Quinn, perhaps brining in someone with an Offensive background is a good idea or at least one to consider.

Either way, I’d be lying to you if I knew what to expect from the 2009 Cleveland Browns, but as of this day, January 7th, 2008- disappointment is the key word sticking to me.

Here’s your little fun fact, Mangini is brother-in-law with Cleveland Indians General Manager, Mark Shapiro. I bet Sharpiro was one of his references.

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