Reports: Pettitte Turns Down 1 year/$10 M

Reports coming out of New York this morning state that Andy Pettitte has turned down his one year/10 million dollar offer that the Yankees have had on the table for him. The same report states that both sides remain optimistic about working something out, but to me what’s all this delay for?


I understand it is a difficult thing, for a player to take a pay cut of six million dollars (Andy made 16 million last year)- but it’s tough to condone giving a pitcher with a 14-14 record and an ERA near 5 to come back for anything more than 10 million dollars. I understand how much Pettitte means to this organization and I’m a big Andy Pettitte fan- but I’m not sure that Andy being in the rotation is a better route than giving prospects Phil Hughes or Alfredo Aceves a shot to make an impression on the team.

I guess as a Yankee fan, your biggest hope is that this Pettitte thing DOES NOT turn out the same way as the Bernie Williams incident a few years back, which found Bernie seemingly exiled from the team up until the Closing Ceremony for Yankee Stadium in September. If Pettitte wants to pitch next year, shouldn’t he just take the 10 million dollars and pitch? If Pettitte doesn’t feel like pitching, what difference does it make how much money he is making?


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