Carl Pavano Signs With The Tribe (Yankee Fans in Dismay)

Former Yankee great Carl Pavano has a new home, and it’s in Cleveland (I know Yankees fans, it’s going to be tough getting use to calling Pavano a former Yankee).

Pavano inked a one year deal, in which the terms of the contract were not announced- but is believed to be worth 2 million dollar in base salary, with several incentives for good performance (or as John McCain would say, the contract is “loaded with goodies”). And why shouldn’t Pavano’s contract be loaded with goodies? After all, the Yankees were generous enough to hand him 40 million dollars for his 145 innings with the team over a four year span. In case you’re wondering, Pavano scored $275,862.06 per inning pitched with the Yankees over the course of his four years with the team. The Yankees also payed $533,333.333 per strikeout (Pavano had 75 k’s in four seasons). And you might want to close your eyes for this number, The Yankees paid $4,444,444.44 for every one of Pavano’s 9 wins.

The highlight of Pavano’s Yankee tenure…


Probably the day he announced he was going to become a Yankee. To think that, not only was there a bidding war for this guy, but that there’s was legitimate arguments between Yankees and Red Sox fans about who signed the better pitcher that off-season- Pavano and the Yankees or then Red Sox Matt Clement. I guess it’s a push- and we both were wrong.

And no fear Yankee fans, Pavano left the team with something special. Perhaps the next big contract bust, A.J. Burnett. I was startled to find this little quote a month ago when Burnett signed with the Yankees,

“(In) September, Burnett got an unexpected recommendation to sign with the Yankees: from Carl Pavano.

His former Florida teammate, maligned for multiple injuries during his four seasons in New York, spoke with him during batting practice at Yankee Stadium.

‘It’s a great place to play. It’s a great place to live,’ Burnett said Pavano told him. ‘I was expecting to hear, you know, different things.’ ”

So if this A.J. Burnett thing, doesn’t pan out- remember who convinced A.J. New York was a good place to play.

Carl Pavano (And the money of course, but we’re talking about Pavano here),

Thank you for the memories Carl (or lack there of).

(Pavano’s projected 2009 numbers: 15-8, 3.22 ERA, and Comeback Player of the Year honors. Mark it now.)


One thought on “Carl Pavano Signs With The Tribe (Yankee Fans in Dismay)

  1. Pavano probably suggested the Yankees to Burnett because they’re the best at handing out paychecks to guys that are always hurt/only perform in contract years. Sabathia will be good for the Yanks for the next few years, but Burnett won’t be any good UNTIL a few years.

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