Congrats, you’ve made it to 2009. And while most of the people reading this right now are sitting at office desks and cubicles around the country, trying to find something that can make the day pass quicker, upset because you’re holiday season is over – I got something really awesome to tell you, that should cheer you up-In only a few short days, The Philadelphia Eagles will travel to East Rutherford, NJ to face the New York Giants, and I can’t wait.

As an impartial football fan these days, I have to say right now….this is awesome. The excitement of this game, has me wanting to breathe into a brown paper bag to prevent hyperventilation. It’s hard to imagine any of these teams not playing the best game they are capable of playing next Sunday. I can’t wait to see these two teams, who hate each other so darn much, crack each other up and down the field on Sunday. And I know its early, but as of right now- some forecast have the weather being near freezing with rain/snow. Should be an amazing game, and I’m hoping the anticipation is NOT the best part of Sunday’s game.

Speaking of the Eagles, is there any one player who is more valuable to a team then Brian Westbrook? As I wrote before about Ed Reed, this guy is a difference maker. He’s one of the guys who can make a loss, a win. The difference between him and Ed Reed is that they draw up plays for Westbrook and he always seems to execute them. The Giants HAVE to figure out a way to keep him in line.

And how about the fans calling for Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid’s head just a month or so ago. All these two have done is win and win and win. It must be nice to have a team who is consistently chalking up W’s. Eagles fans, I can understand your frustration that this era of Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl (Since I’m a Yankee fan), but winning a Super Bowl is an incredibly difficult thing to do. You have to understand that this era of Reid/McNabb has been a very special run and the franchise has put a impressive product on the field year after year (ie- 2006, McNabb goes down and Jeff Garcia suddenly becomes John Elway, leading them on a nice playoff run).

And hey, you got to be in the playoffs to win the Super Bowl. Having that opportunity each year is pretty sweet, in a league where the parody between the teams has 1-15 teams going to the playoffs a season later.

Maybe this is Philadelphia’s year in sports? First the World Series and now the Super…gulp. What a scary notion that is.

Phillies fans celebrating the team's 10,000 lost as a franchise. (By Tim Shaffer, Reuters)

Phillies fans celebrating the team's 10,000 lost as a franchise. (By Tim Shaffer, Reuters)


Your everyday Eagles fan. Probably going to follow this picture up by dumping a coke-a-cola on some kid with a Redskins jersey on.

A Sixers fan reminding Kobe of his... "little incident in a hotel room"

A Sixers fan reminding Kobe of his... "little incident in a hotel room"

Philadelphia, PA. Titletown, U.S.A.- A frightening thought for 2009.


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