In Case You Missed It

The Knicks beat the Celtics on Sunday night, 100-88, at The Garden (That’s the real Garden, not that monstrosity the Celtics play in, in Boston).  The combination of David Lee and Wilson Chandler was the difference. The two held Kevin Garnett to 1 field goal, and 1 offensive rebound, with Chandler scoring 31 points, and Lee putting in 14 points and nabbing 14 rebounds.
Enjoy it Knicks fans, this might be the highlight of the season (Unless you want to consider getting knocked around as a #8 seed in the playoffs, as a “highlight”)


One thought on “In Case You Missed It

  1. “It’s like seven miles long. You drive by it on the highway and point ‘oh, there’s the garden’…5 minutes pass…’opp and we are still see it'” -Dan Hillman on the Boston Garden or the TD North Bank Garden whatever you wanna call it. Go Celts!

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