Ed Reed Leaves Print

In case you missed it Sunday Afternoon, the Ravens beat the Dolphins convincingly in the first round of the NFL playoffs, 27-9. The Ravens forced the team with the least turnovers in the NFL to commit five turnovers. Four of the five via interception, picking off Dolphins quarterback, Chad Pennington. Pennington, a quarterback who’s most renown for his ability to not throw interceptions and still be productive, threw only seven interceptions all year. Two of those interceptions were made by Ed Reed, one he took 64 yards back for a touchdown. According to ESPN, Reed now has 5 picks in his first three career playoff games, which ties a record. Reed’s indelible print on this game got me to thinking of how good this safety is. This is the same Ed Reed who has two interceptions in five of his last seven games.

(Bob Rosato/SI)

(Bob Rosato/SI)

This is one of my first memories of Baltimore Ravens’ safety, Ed Reed. He was playing at “The U”, and in a game where his team needed to win to clinch a birth to the National Title game, when on the final drive of the game, with Boston College closing in on a score that would give them the lead, he does this…

I remember how brash I thought it was for a player to rip the ball out of one of his own players hands, but Ed Reed-

A) Wanted the ball.

B) Knew he was the best chance running the ball back to score.

C) Was going to close out a must win game for his team and do whatever it took to win the game.

Back then, I thought that Reed was a amazing game-breaker, but to duplicate that in the NFL was going to be impossible.  Sunday afternoon was another reminder that I was wrong. Ed Reed is as influential in a football game now, as he was then was in college back in 2001. Although his team played a great game, Ed Reed was the star. Reed, from the safety position, is the sort of player who can swing a loss into a win with a huge play.

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