Shanahan Out In Denver

I truly thought that Eric Mangini was going to be the most successful coach to be fired this off-season. Then, this afternoon Mike Shanahan, a coach with a 138-90 record and two Super Bowl rings, a coach who seemed like he would be a lifer in Denver, was fired as the head coach and vice president by the Broncos after 21 years with the organization (14 as head coach).

(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)


All this guy has done has been sucessful, and since most likely Bill Cowher isn’t going to your team, this is the man to hire. If there’s any question to this man’s coaching abilities, here’s a little stupid stat for you. Shanahan has the best record against Bill Belichick of any other coach in football. Shanahan is 5-2 vs. Belichick, with his five wins coming in their last six meetings.

But buyer’s beward, don’t give this man (or any other coach for that matter) the job of GM also. How many times are we going to watch it happen? Coaches cannot simultaneously be General Manager also. There simply isn’t enough hours in the day. The only thing Shanhan should be in charge of his picking his half back and offensive line. Shanahan has made 1,000 yard rushers out of the likes of Mike Anderson, Olandis Gary, Reuben Droughns and Tatum Bell.

Speaking of head coaches, it was reported today the Browns were interested in “talking” to Eric Man-Genius. Let me just say this- Here’s a microcosm of my problem with Eric Mangini. After an EMBARRASSING, 13-3 loss, to a previously 3-11 team. A loss that cost your team their season. A loss to a team who was starting a second string quarterback. A BACK BREAKER that came at the hands of a team who started an offensive line where only one player (Womack) had started  more than one game in the NFL, and STILL had their running back gain 116 yards, Eric Mangini said in the pos tgame conference;

“Disappointed. Really, really disappointed. For the group”… “This is a good group of people, a good group of players. I know how hard everyone has worked and how hard they worked last week, and to come out on the short end of this game is disappointing, because you see the time, the effort, the passion, the caring — all those things that go in to a game like this.”

His tone was as lackluster as his speech, unfortunately I can’t find the audio.

Good luck telling fans in Cleveland that you thought the team “fought hard”, when they’re losing games they should clearly be winning. The minute a head coach is hired in Cleveland, the clock will begin ticking on their firing. Cleveland is that hungry for a winner, and unlike Detroit, they will not have fun mocking their team and they’re as talented on paper as any of the top teams in the NFL. In Cleveland, they want to win now.

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