New Years Day Special

You want picks? Probably not, but here are mine for the next couple days of bowl games…

I’m taking Georgia Tech -4, in the Capitol One Bowl. There’s chaos in LSU, and I don’t think any of those guys studied for this elusive Georgia Tech offense, who just a few weeks ago took Georgia behind the woodshed. Although I have to say that my biggest wish during this game, is for someone to mention how TERRIBLE Capitol One commercials are. They’re about as funny as being hit by a car.

I like Georgia at -8 1/2 in the Chick-fil-a Bowl. The Bulldogs were a team that came into the season as a favorite to be in the BCS game. No team in the nation has done less with more talent, and here’s a shot at redemption. If those big athletic SEC defensive linemen can at least contain MSU’s stand out running back, Javon Ringer, I’m liking Georgia. If you need a reason to watch the game, check out Georgia quarterback Matt Stafford. He is said to be the best quarterback coming out in the 2009 NFL draft. Hopefully he can get his wonderlic on at the combine.

I feel obligated to pick some one in the most intriguing game on New Year’s Day, the Rose Bowl. So I’ll say in the “Grand Daddy of Them All”, I’ll take USC -10. USC’s defense is freakishly good, and it’s a shame this team didn’t make it to the BCS bowl, because I’d love to see this defense stack up against Tebow and the Gators. They’ve done nothing but stomp on opponents all season long, and the thing I keep thinking about is the way they routed on Ohio State earlier in the season.

I’m all over Virgina Tech +2 1/2 in the Orange Bowl. Cincinnati has had a great season, and their coach is destine for another bigger job in the near future- but I just can’t see a Coach Beemer team not playing there asses off in a bowl game. I’ll even predict Virgina Tech gets one big special teams play (so bold of me).

I’m taking East Carolina -3 in the Liberty Bowl (remember when ECU were a top 25 team?)

My safest bet is Alabama -10 over Utah in the Sugar Bowl. Last year it was Hawaii who was slaughtered vs. an SEC team in the Sugar Bowl. This year it will be Utah. Bet the house, the boat, the children. Alabama is going to beat’em up and down the Superdome. Utah is a well coached team. But their athleticism isn’t even in the same time zone as Alabama. Saben has a month to prepare for this game. It’s going to be an ugly one.
And there’s a lot of chirping out there (including from a sibling) about my inability to pick winners. Well feel free to post your picks hot shots.

Happy New Year’s to all. Make it a safe and happy one. Be sure to use a designated driver or car service.

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