“Man-Genius” Out in New York

After three turbulent years as Head Coach of the New York Jets, today Eric Mangini was handed his pink slip by the organization.

(Jim McIsaac, Getty Images)

(Jim McIsaac, Getty Images)

The firing, is no doubt, a direct result of the sort of football the team played over the course of the last five weeks, after back-to-back passionate wins in week 11 vs. the rivals from up north- the Patriots, and knocking off the previously undefeated Titans in week 12. After those two victories, Jets’ fans were celebrating victories that it seemed like their franchise hadn’t had in years, and the Jets seemed to be in the driver’s seat to at least a bye in the AFC Playoffs and at very best a (hold your breath for this notion Gang Green) SUPER BOWL APPEARANCE. But in the end, losses against a 7-9 Broncos team, a 7-9 Niners team, and a 4-12 Seahawks team sealed the faith of  a man the local papers loved to call “Man-Genius”.

After an era where Herm Edwards clock management was the agony of Jets’ fans, the Mangini era as head coach of the Jets will be filled with ridicule over his play calling. Not sure why after 12 weeks of successfully pounding the football with running back, Thomas Jones, the Jets would chose to stray away from that in the following five weeks of the season. (Also not sure where the level of passion was those last five weeks. Also not sure how Brett Favre could stink it up so badly in the last five weeks, and why Shaun Ellis threw a iceberg at a fan in Seattle).

The real winners today will be Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. After having the Jets unstable performance cost them a playoff birth yesterday, today the Pats and their fans will relish in the fact that the Jets response to this was to kick their head coach to the curb- in addition to that, Belichick might very well be getting a resume by Mangini, asking for his old job back, by day’s end. Oh those Patriots.

Jets owner Woody Johnson has already made it clear he wants Brett Favre back badly. I hope Woody is ready for a new season of “Brett Favre’s, Staying or Going?”. Hopefully this off-season will be minus any crying. I have such a soft spot seeing Farve cry (sarcasim).

Now I’m not privy to what the talk is around the league as to who the next head coach of the Jets will be, but I’m sure it will be a decision that Brett Favre will have a large say in. And in my opinion, if Brett can pick the coach and Brett’s arm is capable of one more season, Brett Favre will be back in New York in the 2009 season. Mr. Favre couldn’t stand leaving the game after an overtime defeat in overtime of the NFC Championship- you think he’ll be willing to leave after watching his team down-right collapse the last 5 weeks of the season.

If that arm is ready to go, Brett will be back in 2009.

3 thoughts on ““Man-Genius” Out in New York

  1. The Patriots wouldn’t look at ‘Man-Whistleblower-Genius’s’ resume is Tom Brady’s repaired ACL was paper clipped to it.

    The guy did the ultimate no-no to his former boss.

    Best of luck in Cleveland, Eric!

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