Redemption Song

My godfather has always said, “The mind cannot endure, what the ass cannot digest”.

On that note: Here’s my Sunday Picks, as I hope to not embarrass myself like last time, when I was 0-3.

I like the Patriots -6 over the Bills. It’s suppose to be 58 degrees in Buffalo tomorrow- so expect short sleeves, hot offenses and boring football. (NOTE: I made this pick prior to seeing the 60 mph winds that have knocked down a goalpost in Buffalo)

I like the Chiefs +3 at the Bengals in the Charmin Ultra, Toilet Bowl.

I like the Broncos +8 vs. the Chargers because the Chargers are not 8 points better than a team they lost to earlier in the year, compliments to a freakishly large referee.

and I’m going with the Lions +11, because if they do lose by more than 11 points, they really are the worse team in NFL history.

As for the “NON-PROS”, as my college roommate use to call it, I’m ALL OVER Louisiana Tech in a Pick’em vs. Northern Illinois in the highly anticipated Independence Bowl.

As always, if your dumb enough to bet with me, you’re worthy of losing all your money. Hope everyone had a great holiday season thus far.


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