Starbury Shows Up In L.A. To Watch Former Team

And everyone makes a big deal out of it. Why? Because the NBA needs to talk about the Knicks in some capacity.

The other night, Stephon Marbury, who has been sent home by the Knicks, showed up at the Knicks-Lakers game, in L.A. to take in the game. Let me just quickly say, that the way Donnie Walsh AND THE KNICKS, have handled this situation with Marbury has been a complete an utter joke.

Here’s a little run down…a time line of events, if you will.

– Team hires new Coach D’Antoni in offseason and keeps Marbury, despite rumors he might go elsewhere.

-Team starts pre-season off by telling Marbury they would like him to come off the bench, Marbury agrees and out preforms his new replacement, Chris Duhon in all the pre-season games.

– Opening night, Marbury doesn’t play a second during the game, and head coach D’Antoni even goes ahead and plays rookie Danillo Gallinari, who was partially injured at the time, over Marbury.


– The day after Opening Night, team puts Marbury on inactive list, and D’Antoni says, that Steph is too good to be benched full-time and will remain there until the team can facilitate a trade or work something out. D’Antoni, says he “likes” Steph, and doesn’t want to embarrss him, but the team is moving in a different direction.

– Weeks later, team comes up with injuries and only has the league minimum to play game. D’Antoni asks Steph if he wants to play, and says “there’s 35 minutes out there for him”, Steph says no. D’Antoni acknowledges that he “respects Steph’s decision”. Steph continues to ride bench, in street clothing, and never complains about the teams decision. Even though team rules out buying his contract out and says they will only make a trade for Steph.

– Weeks later team FIRESALES best players, and finds themselves without enough men to play again. Once again Steph is approached, and asked to play- to which he declines. This time team makes the move of suspending Steph without pay and fining him an large amount (in comparrisson to other fines made in the NBA).

– All hell breaks out with Steph and Knicks.

Look, if the Knicks have no plan on playing Stephon, let him walk, buy him out, trade him, let him perform the halftime entertainment, DO SOMETHING WITH HIM. The Knicks instead, kept him around and continued to pick and pick on him, until he snapped. It was like watching a person kick a dog cage, night in and night out- and to be honest, I’m not sure any man deserves that sort of public ridicule, even if it is someone who is as down looked upon in the sports community as Stephon Marbury.

By no means, do I feel bad for Steph- and by no means do I feel as if Steph deserves sympathy or your concern (Judging he ran two coaches out of town and makes 25 million a season, I hope no one loses sleep based on concern for him), but honestly, put yourself in Stephon’s $15 dollar Starbury kicks for a moment-

Hopefully available in a city outside of New York, soon

Hopefully available in a city outside of New York, soon

If you walked into work on January 5th, after a long week off with the family, and were told, “Hey insert your name here, we don’t want you to work anymore, we found someone better to do the job (lets say his name is Abe Vigoda), BUT we’re NOT going to fire you or let you go either. What we want you to do is just sit in your cubicle all day and do nothing for the rest of the calendar year, and we won’t try to facilitate any sort of transaction or solution to this- you just sit in that cubicle for the year. And come the end of the year you’ll be a free man. But don’t be late to meetings or work, otherwise we’re going to be forced to fine you.”

This Son of a bitch, took my job?

This Son of a bitch, took my job?

Then suddenly, three weeks later, Abe falls ill and can’t come into work for the day. Stuck in a quagmire, your boss comes up to you and says, “Hey inset your name here. Listen, Abe fell sick this morning, you want to leave your cubicle and work at Abe’s desk for the day? Come on, it will be like having your old job, that we found you “unfit” for, for one day. And, it will be a really rewarding day, but when Abe comes back tomorrow, you’re going to go back to your cubicle and continue doing nothing, just like you were yesterday, no matter how well you do.”


You’re response to this would be:

A) “Sure thing Mr. Boss. I’m a team player, and anything I can do for the company is great.”

B) “No thanks, I’d rather not, judging that you told me Abe Vigoda was a much better at my job than me, and without an potential to get my old job back, working for one day would be pretty hard to do and demoralizing for me. You sure you can’t let me find work somewhere else?”

C) Attack your boss and beat him with any surrounding office supplies, till his last name has lost a couple letters.

D) Quietly leave the building and set the place on fire.

sound fimilar?

sound fimilar?

I would tend to believe the CORRECT answer lies somewhere between B and D. But since you’re very good at controlling your animal rage, you say B) No Thanks…..

Well that “no thanks”, in the days prior, ends up costing you a freeze in pay and a fine.

Not saying I side with Marbury- but I understand Marbury.


2 thoughts on “Starbury Shows Up In L.A. To Watch Former Team

  1. I think the bigger story here is precedent.

    The Knicks have become the poster child for admitting their personnel mistakes with buyouts and/or lopsided trades and I think Donnie Walsh is trying to shed this label.

    I honestly think that because the Knicks fear that Starbury will be succesful in his next stop, they don’t want to have egg on their faces by paying him to leave and having him succeed for another team (possibly a team that could steal their playoff spot with his contribution…hello, Miami) for the veteran’s minimum. And he will succeed wherever he goes. By success I mean 10-12 points off the bench and won’t be a cancer in the locker room.

    I think they are also setting a precedent on locker room expectations. By shipping out Zach Randolph and allowing Eddy Curry to gain 40 pounds, while wearing a suit for 82 games this season, Walsh is saying “…the Knicks are no longer a collective group of individuals. We’re the sum of our parts.” If you want to be a part of this team, you better drink the Kool-Aid.

    Maybe I’m giving Donnie too much credit, but I think his efforts are a great story.

    As far as D’Antoni, his track record speaks for itself. Players love playing for him, and he seems like a “player’s coach.” If he is so disgusted with Steph that he’d rather not have him dress, I’m gonna trust his judgement.

    Sorry for the novel, bored at work…slow holiday week at the office.

  2. Until Dolan is gone the franchise is doomed. I think Bloomberg should declare the Knicks a utility, dig up some arcane eminent domain rule, and take control of the team. (The utility thing works because the best player on the team is David Lee and he is really just a great utility player.)

    Marbury is a cancer in any locker room and the best thing for pro sports would be to exile him and T.O. to the Belarus men’s handball league.

    Eddy Curry should be told that unless he is able to shed the fat and be fit enough to play two consecutive complete games he is fat (oops I mean flat) out fired and can go work at Pep Boys.

    All I wanted for Christmas was a reason to go to The Garden again. There’s always next year.

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