The Big D is For Disappointment

The problem with the Giants come the end of week 15 of the NFL season is, as Joey Strummer put it, “The Future is Unwritten”. So what if you were the best team the NFL has seen for 13 weeks?

Despite the fact the Giants were the best team in the NFL from September to Thanksgiving, suddenly the Giants find themselves losers of two straight, and going into a game against the Carolina Panthers- a team who could very well make them losers of three in a row.


I think, as a Giants fan, the biggest problem with these last two weeks is the fact that: what can you blame these two loses on? Plaxico for shooting himself in the foot? A lack of offense? a lack of defense? No Jacobs in the lineup?

To me, it doesn’t seem like there is a lack of desire for the Giants, but suddenly- for some reason, their lack of ability for the “big play”, has vanished. Not only has the offense been as stagnate as a game of chess, but also in the last two games, the Giants have forced ZERO turnovers. A stat, in which almost exclusively points into the direction of winner and loser. And based on that stat, alone- as a Giants fan, you must worry about the idea that the best days of the season are behind you. Tonight was a opportunity to put you’re biggest arch-nemesis into an early off-season, and you never came close enough to having them bite a nail.

No one remembers the 2001 Seattle Mariners or any of those Bills team (outside of them losing several Super Bowls). And sure as anything no one will remember how dominate this team looked through the first 4/5ths of a season. And as a Giants fan, it must be a concern that this amazing stretch from the end of last season till the Cardinals game three weeks ago will be lost in the arms of time. That is, unless they can turn it around. And luckily the team gets a few more Sunday’s to figure it out- starting next Sunday night night, when they face the Panthers. For the Giants, they still have nearly a month to put it all together, before their first playoff game. And if it’s any consolation, are still in a better position then almost every NFL team.

Now to cheer up you Giants fans, here’s some footage of President Bush dodging size 10 shoes on Sunday.

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