Trivia! (Category: Players Who Resemble Animals)

Which Yankee most resembles an ostrich?


Why it’s the newest Yankee, A.J. Burnett!

A.J. Burnett is the newest benificary of the 88 million that the Yankees freed up after the 2008 season. The tall righty has been someone who has caught the the Yankees attention since he was a Marlin in 2004.

Chances are the biggest stat that caught the Yankees eye was his 20-5 with a 3.29 ERA against AL East opponents- Tampa Bay, Boston, Baltimore and Toronto.

With a five year deal all but locked up with Burnett, that leaves the Yankees with A.J. Burnett on their team till he is 37 years old. Hope A.J. has strong genes in his family.

Yet, still- after spending 22 million a year on C.C. Sabathia eariler in the week- and after giving A.J. Burnett around 15 million a year, if the Yankees plan on matching last years pay-roll they still have 51 million to spend for next year. A scary thought if you’re a fan of salary caps and the luxury tax. Is Jesus Christ available to play 1st base? Is Babe Ruth cryogenically frozen?


One thought on “Trivia! (Category: Players Who Resemble Animals)

  1. “Now witness the raw power of this fully operational Deathstar!” I am all for nicknaming the new Yankee Stadium “The Deathstar”. Seriously, who gives a shit how much money they spend? It’s not your money. I know ticket prices are ridiculous, but they were going to get that way regardless. That train left the station a long time ago. So whether you like it or not the only way you are going to see the Yanks live is to 1) know some one, 2) work for someone, 3) be rich, 4) watch them on a Wednesday afternoon against Kansas City, in June, or…. 5) Drive down to Baltimore and watch in Camden Yards. It’s true, the economy f’in blows so if you have time, much less the money to go to a game, God Bless Ya! I decided to invest the money on a flat screen LCD and catch the game at home. I know it ain’t the same, but I have my childhood memories of Reggie, Gator, Martin, Donny Baseball and everyone after, and like the song goes “Oh no you can’t take that away from me!” Fuck it, they should sign Texiera AND Manny next. Screw Boston and their bullshit fiscally responsible, holier than thou, pompous attitude. All of a sudden they win two rings and they think they run the club. I promise you this if Boston was still ringless they would be snatching up free agents faster than you could say “clam chowda” or “wicked awesome”. So please everyone just go home, there is nothing to see here. Danny que the Stormtrooper Death March Anthem, I smell another signing!

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