New Sox

The Red Sox unveiled their new road jerseys this week, along with new alternate road jerseys…



Your thoughts? I hope “Disgruntled Old Man”, chimes in on this.


2 thoughts on “New Sox

  1. For the first time in the last 14 years they didn’t raise ticket prices. So how are they going to raise enough cash to keep their lifestyle in this economy. BINGO! Lets overhaul our uniforms with a “retro-look” so we don’t really change anything but its new so idiots will buy it.
    You remember when we all said we’d sell our soul to win the World Series… well we did. Not complaining, but this is the kind of shit we have to live with to compete.

  2. I’m not fundamentally opposed to alternate uniforms but these are terrible. It’s as if the Sox were so concerned with not creating a that was over the top, they made one that is nearly identical to the ones they already have. Obviously it’s a means to get more cash but these look pretty stupid.

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