The Worst Name in Professional Sports History


When your city is given the rights to re-name an NBA team, perhaps it’s a good idea to name the team after an object or item that one can actually see and draw a picture of, not after a sound.

Serves them right, being 2-21.


5 thoughts on “The Worst Name in Professional Sports History

  1. I bet a lot of people said the same thing when they didn’t rename Les Expos “The Senators” – like everyone wanted – and I do agree that the team name sucks but give it some time.

    “Dude, the Nationals. Really? Really? You’re gonna name your team after the league you play in?” – Mr. Whammy himself

  2. At least the Heat, immediately associated themselves with fire. The thunder have made no attempts to associate themselves with any of god’s elements.

  3. They should create some inter-sport alliance with the TB Lightning. United by their common names and the fact that they both exist in cities that have no business houising that specific professional sports team.

  4. Hillma-

    I have to disagree with Heat being associated with fire.

    When I think of heat, I immediately picture Fitz naked. Not sure if that would fly as a team Logo though…

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