“Hey Yo- Mike?”

That is potentially the way the first curtain call in the new Yankees stadium will begin from the bleachers (or what the Yankee organization has left of the bleachers after turning half the bleachers into $170 seats) if a proposed deal that has Mike Cameron landing in the Bronx, for former fan favorite Melky Caberea, becomes a reality,. “The Roll Call”, a tradition that has been running now for quite a while, has featured names that almost exclusively had a -ey or -ie endings, to start of the chant, (Hey Yo! Bernie/Johnny/Melky). Fitting the name “Mike” doesn’t sit right with bleacher creatures- since I’m not sure it should sit so well with fans either.

Mike Cameron, no doubt adds a perninal gold glove to a rather large outfield in the new Yankee Stadium (dimensions in the new Yankee Stadium, will be the same as the old). But trading for Mike Cameron, would add another .250 bat to a lineup that already has added a .250 hitter in Nick Swisher. Allthough his glove in centerfield ranks among the best in baseball, Cameron’s tendinciy to strikeout is something that Yankee fans will have to learn to grow use to. Cameron, who for the last five seasons has k’ed more than once a game, struck out a standing ovation worthy 144 times in 120 games in 2008 (he was suspended at the begining of the year for testing positive to banned substances). In addition that, Cameron’s last two years have been less than impressive (that’s a nice way of putting it, 2007 he hit .242, last year .243). But what the Yankees will hope for is for Cameron’s power numbers to hold steady. Cameron has hit 20+ homeruns in his last three seasons. And ultimatley, those power numbers are the difference between Cameron and Melky.

But for the Yanks and Cameron, this is a match made due to timing. The Yankees would be hard pressed to rollĀ  Melky Cabrera out there again for an entire season- and to platoon him with Brett Gardner could end up being tougher to watch than re-runs of “Full House” (I can’t believe I liked this show when I was younger). For the Yankees, without any big name center-fielders to sign or who are available via trade, Mike Cameron will have to make ends meet- until highly touted Austin Jackson, is ready for the show. He most likely will begin the season in Double-A Trenton. Jackson, who has more feelers sent out to him then a call girl, is envisioned by Yankee brass to be the next in long line of great Yankee centerfielders…at one point Melky was viewed as that also. Yankee fans hope this one works out a little better.

I tried to find the video of the catch Cameron had, where he broke his cheek bone colliding with Carlos Beltran, but had little luck- so this will have to suffice.

I tried to find the video of the catch Cameron had, where he broke his cheek bone colliding with Carlos Beltran, but had little luck- so this will have to suffice.


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