Any Love For Bobby?

As a Yankee fan, I can tell you this… It would pain me so to watch another season of Bobby Abreu playing that wall in right-field.

No doubt a catch most outfielders would have made standing up.

No doubt a play most outfielders would have made standing up.

But with that being said, and with all the talk about the Yankees #1 target now being signing another one of the big name pitchers that are still out there, has anyone thought about what a Yankee lineup will be looking like if the season started today?

1. Johnny Damon

2. Derek Jeter

3. Xavier Nady?

4. Alex Rodriguez

5. Hideki Matsui

6. Jorge Posada

7. Robinson Cano

8. Nick Swisher

9. Mike Cameron/Melky Cabrera

No offense to Xavier Nady, I do think he’s a good hitter- but is he really the #3 guy you envision taking advantage of all the fastballs the #3 slot sees with A-Rod hitting behind you? If you’re going to hand out 15 million a year for 5 years to A.J. Burnett, shouldn’t you at least consider adding Mark Texieria for similar money and more years? Is there any concerns about Matsui’s health and Posada’s inevitable drop off from his last full season, two years ago?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but as mediocre as the Yankees starting pitching was last year, the biggest issue last season was their inability to hit with runners in scoring position. The Yankees were held to 2 runs or less in 46 of 162 games this past season, winning only 6 of them. Nine teams scored more runs then the Yankees and their a team losing their #3 hitter and 32 HR and 98 RBI from Jason Giambi.



Before they stock pile all the starting pitching under god’s moon- perhaps thinking about some hitting would be money better spent.

2 thoughts on “Any Love For Bobby?

    • Thanks for the feedback. This article is quite old though as you can see, but gets tons of hits still because of the pictures. Good to know people check out some of the current blog entries as well.


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