A-Rod Confirms at Golf Charity Event: Nobody Loves A-Rod More Than A-Rod

New York Yankees Third Basemen, Alex Rodriguez, confirmed  Saturday at David Ortiz’s golf charity event in the Dominican Republic, that he intends to play for the Dominican Republic come this year’s World Baseball Classic. It’s not that Alex doesn’t have the right to play for whatever country he wants, but as a Yankee fan it becomes easier and easier to question the authenticity of this guy, and the fact that above all else, nobody loves A-Rod more than A-Rod.


Alex is now a cross-over superstar,  but unlike his teammate Derek Jeter, who has that same status, Alex seems obsessed with the limelight. He, as Joe Morgan says, “Loves being the big fish- in the big pond”. It’s that desire that led to A-Rod announcing DURING THE SEVENTH INNING of the clinching game in the, 2007 World Series, that he planned on opting out of the most lucrative contract in the history of Major League Baseball. A move that was viewed as “CLASSLESS” and rightfully so (No matter how much you hate the Red Sox). It’s also that same desire that brought him back to the Yankees, after the Yankees slammed the door on his face when he opted out of that lucrative deal. And it’s that desire that kept him here in Manhattan.

Then there’s Madonna- Sure, WHY NOT date the Material Girl. It’s like candy for the Page Six crowd. The world’s biggest baseball player dating the world’s biggest female superstar. There’s a million pretty girls in the world and Alex chooses a near 50 year-old Madonna? He’s totally a star-fucker. I’m convinced if he could size up Laura Bush, Barbara Streisand and Miley Cirus- he would probably take aim at that too. Whatever he can do to make his name prominant in offseason news.

Now there’s this little stunt that has him switching teams in an exhibition tournament. A move that seems simply senseless. It’s as if Alex wants people to have a gripe with him. He wants to give a majority of the fans something to wonder about him. I would love to be a fly on the wall during this guys therapy sessions…wait, I’d rather not be.

Alex was born in Washington Heights and raised in Miami. He should be playing for The U.S.- the country he was born and raised- not a country where he has friends from and vacationed a few times in. The rule for players to be able to play in countries where their parents were from, was to add some depth to the other countries participating in the World Baseball Classic. Rest assure that every player from America, would represent America had they been given a choice. But due to the amazing depth the U.S. has on thier roster- players were forced to play for other countries (ie- Mike Piazza and Italy). Rest assure all but A-Rod would have the choice to represent America, and choose not to. By choosing not to, A-Rod becomes the storyline to the World Baseball Classic. He’s now the main event to this event. It sure is going to be an interesting at-bat- when A-Rod squares off with runners in scoring position vs. America in a big spot. With Yankees fans recent luck, look for Alex to hit a big homerun that leaves you questioning where this is come the post-season.

Nothing can ever settle with Mr. Rodriguez, there always has to be some ripples in the pond. And I don’t think fans would care all that much if the guy wasn’t coming off a season where he literally had something like three RBI’s after the seventh inning of games. Let me repeat that for you- HE HAD SOMETHING LIKE THEE RBI’S AFTER THE SEVENTH INNING. Look it up and let me know the exact number, but I’m not far off.

Like I said, Alex is a grown man who can make all the decisions he wants to make, but as a Yankee fan the frustration comes when this guy has slowly but surley become the face of your franchise. He is the exactly model of what the Yankees NEVER WERE when they won four out of five championships in the late 90’s and were an inning away from a fifth. Quicker than an A-Rod at bat with runners in scoring position (3 pitches, 3 strikes, each gradually more out of the stike zone than the previous pitch), this guy has snatched away the image of this team and made it his own. Big money, big story, big celebrity, big disapointment.

Step aside Derek Jeter.

Gone are the days where the only place you could see a Yankee in public during the off-season were at charity events. Now, as a Yankee fan, we’re all living in A-Rod’s world, and he’s loving it.

One thought on “A-Rod Confirms at Golf Charity Event: Nobody Loves A-Rod More Than A-Rod

  1. Great post, Dan. As soon as Arod’s face started popping up on gossip blogs, I knew there was a big problem. It’s one thing to be on the front of the Post, but it’s another to have Perez Hilton drawing penises and cum droplets on your face.
    He’s an amazing player, and there are moments where I’m happy that he’s a Yankee; however, those moments are few and far between. To be honest, I’d love to see Mike Blowers come out of retirement.

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